Jayden Lewis better known in the Ocean State, R.I. as Jay Lew a 17 year old rapper. Jay Lew has been creatively and musically inclined since the age of 9.  He showed an interested in all genres of music early on in his childhood. 

Jay Lew became dedicated and seriously focused about pursuing a musical career at the age of 11, while continuously being an “A” student. Jay Lew states, his second career will be in immigration law. He will pursue and become an immigration lawyer to assist all people in his later years of life.

When you speak to Jay Lew and inquire about what individuals influenced him with being creative to explore his musical gift to rap; he clearly states right off the top, JayZ and Kanye West. Listening to the song “Otis” by JayZ & Kanye West f/t Otis Redding in 2011was it. He also clearly states, he would give everything to be mentored by the west coart Rapper “YG”. 

When Jay Lew got his 1st chance to go into the studio, he was ready and to everyone’s surprise he rapped the entire song in one take. He stated, to the producer and engineer, it was easy for him. Jay Lew was totally oblivious to what had just taken place. Shortly after the studio session, Jay Lew started to get shows booked all across the Ocean State Rhode Island, Boston and New York. 

Jay Lew states, the high point to ripping the stage was a private birthday bash he opened up for a very well know east coast artist. It was when the crowd received him, not knowing his music, the vibe of the crowd was lit while head bobbing to his music.

Jay Lew stated, the ride was a true blessing and then he hit an unforeseen wall; his voice changed at the age of 14. The producers and engineers he became comfortable with no longer knew how to adjust to the voice change and could no longer work with him. Life became chaotic, saddened by the sudden change of climate, Jay Lew took a break from studio time and began going “hard” with booking shows back to back. But it was in the cards for him, walking by faith and being consistent with booking shows he met some of the most boss producers and engineers coming out the Ocean State and the ATL. The hot producer Genrus (From the Ocean State), SlickMix (From the Ocean State) and M-16 (From the ATL) saw the talent in Jay Lew and said lets go to work. These producers and engineer are top shelf, from working with 2 Chains, Ludacris, Usher, Floetry Gucci Mane and Shawn Tree.

The doors opened, SXSW 2017 reached out and selected Jay Lew to perform in one of their slots showcasing the next, the new up and coming rap artist to look out for in 2017. Bookings, shows and videos features are coming from all points.

In 3-5 years, Jay Lew states wanting to reach specific platforms. He views himself as being a strong force and being a part of the musical revolution. Jay Lew wants people to enjoy his music, he wants his music to allow people to ask questions, be relatable and tug at the heart.

Jay Lew’s future is bright! He currently has been selected by a West Coast Management team so his music can be heard in the west and he has also been picked up by a highly recognizable Hollywood Talent Agency for theatrical, television and film opportunities. It’s to infinity, staying humble and stay tuned.  

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