[Video] Avalanche The Architect - The Dream Catcher ft Cappadonna from the (Wu Tang Clan) |

Toronto rapper Avalanche The Architect has constructed a new video for his collaborative track with Cappadonna from the (Wu Tang Clan) called "The Dream Catcher" Produced by Avalanche, the track puts his perseverance on display, it also showcases his friends and associates the Ruff Ryders (West End Kings)

After harassment by the police and Canada’s court system which lead to him being charged for his rap lyrics which was a first in Canada, Avalanche was inspired to write “Black Lives Matter (Burn Babylon Burn),” another track that “delves into the systemic racism blacks face in their day to day life as well as the hypocrisy of law enforcement when dealing with blacks versus whites". 

Even the Black Lives Matter track is steeped in controversy, because Black Lives Toronto refused to pay for the track that Avalanche was asked to write for them by them. Avalanches new track off his up coming album "Digital Drugs" exposes them and their exploitation of the black community for personal gain and notoriety.

The 2 notable tracks that has propelled Avalanches career is his Platinum hit "Give Me My Money" and his Gold single "Lullaby A Nigga".

While Avalanche prepares to release his Hip Hop and reggae-infused EP, Warriors Anthems, and Digital Drugs album, check out his latest video above. 

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