Music Review: Grey Hillz - Outta Da House | @GreyHillz1

Grey Hillz a South Bronx native, found his love for Hip-Hop at the tender age of 6. Hip-Hop is a culture which is comprised of 4 elements: graffiti art, djing, b-boying aka breakdance, and emceeing aka rap. Growing up to artists like Biggie, 2Pac, jay z, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, and others Grey used his passion as a way to open a lane for himself into the music industry.

Grey Hillz came thru with a new single just in time for Christmas. His single titled “Outta the House” was produced by, Glen Schaele and Mr. IPA GOD himself. 

The track begins with an infectious sitar, then the beat drops with the hook "You should get outta da house, I come wit the wind in a drought, yea they be talkin so cra-zy, the difference is in the account. 2x Repeat"!! 

Grey isn't your average 2000-umpteen mumble rapper who whines over trap beats. Nah Grey Hillz can flow, his delivery on this track is sick none-less. I like how he uses his voice and delivery to bring his energy into the track. You can hear an example of this around the 53 second point of the song which is heard in the notable lyrics below. He knows how to get you on a vibe and switch it up in a blink of an eye! Press play below and judge for yourself!

Notable Lyrics: "I don't play with this rap shit, I go hard for this rap shit, many nights that I let go, but I'm gon get into this rap shit. Came out of nothing I hustle for something, I living my life so luxurious, We not the same, hustle for fame opps  looking up like a tourist".

Click to stream this track on Spinrilla Dj's drop a comment or just hit me (@DJSmokemixtapes) if you want a copy for your mixxes!!

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