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Individual Spotify Playlist Options

Choose the playlists that you want your music on. All playlists are for 1 month unless noted. All playlists are priced for 1 track, additional tracks cost extra.

Pop Candy
Current Followers 1,400+
One Month Placement $40
Three Month Placement $65

Rap Candy
Current Followers 8,200+
One Month Placement $50
Three Month Placement $80

New Candy
Current Followers 12,800+
One Month Placement $85
Three Month Placement $150

Candy Network (Pop, Rap and New Candy playlists)

Current Followers 22,000+
One Month Placement $125
Three Month Placement $250

Current Followers: 750+
One Month Placement
2 tracks $35
3 tracks $50
5 tracks $65
Track stays on playlist for at least 1 month or until it hits 1000 streams

Top 50
Current Followers: 1300+
One Month Placement
Price: 1 track $35
Each additional track $15
Add to 10 more playlists $100
Add to 50 more playlists $250

The World is Mine Vibe
Current Followers: 2033+
One Month Placement
ALL Genres,
One track $35
Three tracks $65

Vibe To These
Current Followers: 3500+
One Month Placement
Price: One track $45
Three tracks $75

Breakout Indie Artists Playlist
Current Followers: 10K+
One Month Placement
One track $60

Global Hits Playlist
Current Followers: 10K+

Averages 500 streams

One track $100

Emy Top Tunes Playlist
Current Followers: 47K+
One Month Placement
One track $60

Gordie Lee's top tunes
Current Followers: 76K+
One Month Placement
One track $75


Spotify Playlist Pitching Service

All streams are driven by playlists, and Social media. You will be provided with links and/or screenshots to each playlist after placement.

Prices begin at $150. Click here for details.

Collaborative Playlists

Collaborative playlists are playlists which are open to everyone who follows them. 

Prices begin at $35. Click here for details

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