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Below is the rundown of my blog pitching service with prices. Let me know if you have any questions.

This is a Blog Pitching Service which differs from a Blog Placement service which I also provide.

Pitching to blogs means we will present your material to our network of blogs (writers, Djs, blog owners, and such). With this service I cannot select each and every blog your material will be featured on. However you will get your money's worth every time. This means if you pay for 20 blogs you will get 20 quality blog placements, nothing less than you have paid for. In addition the dope part is your material can be picked up by more blogs. Example: If you pay for 20 blogs its possible your material will make it on more than 20 blogs.

Blog placement service means we will post your material on the blogs that I have direct access to which is more than 60 dope blogs.

CLICK HERE if you are seeking a blog placment service which include...

The pool of blogs I work with stretches all across the board (a list of blogs is below). Although I do guarantee that you get the amount of blogs you pay for every time. I cannot always pick and choose exactly which blogs will post your material every time.

With our blog pitching service you can tell me which outlets are most important to you, I will make those my primary focus during the release. (For Ex. You pay for 10 blogs, I guarantee you will get on 10 blogs, however I may not be able to choose each blog that posts your material.)

Also, keep in mind that top blogs come with higher fees than other blogs. If you would like to do a major campaign, let me know the amount for your budget and I will create a custom package for you highlighting the blogs you are most interested in.

Tier 1 Blog Pitch and Placement: 
$200: guaranteed placement on 25 blogs + an email blast to over 25 smaller blogs
Tier 2 Blog Pitch and Placement:
$300: guaranteed placement on 8-10 main blogs + an email blast to over 50 smaller blogs
Tier 3 Blog Pitch and Placement:
$450: guaranteed placement on 15-20 main blogs + an email blast to over 100 smaller blogs
One Month of Pitch and Placement:
$1000: You will receive the Tier 3 Package on every one of your releases for an entire month + social media promotion
My Network:
  1. This Is 50 
  2. The Daily Dose 
  3. Stupid Dope 
  4. Respect Mag 
  5. Elevator
  6. Daily Chiefers
  7. Daily Loud
  8. Dj Holiday
  9. Dj Enuff
  10. Dj Envy
  11. Dj Iceberg
  12. DJ Clue Ds Radio
  13. New Sick Music
  14. Rap Favorites
  15. Industry Box
  16. Itsbizkit
  17. All Hip-hop
  18. Hip-hop Early
  19. The College Dropouts
  20. Dope Future
  21. Music On The Dot
  22. We Run The Underground
  23. Unsigned Heat
  24. The Leakerz
  25. Daily Hip Hop
  26. Ashley Outrageous
  27. Hip Hop Fiend
  28. Barrelhouse Brooklyn
  29. We Stay Chill
  30. Dtf Radio
  31. Good Music All Day
  32. Hip-hop Reviews For Dummies
  33. Mechanical Dummy
  34. Industry Inbox
  35. Rap Xclusive
  36. Miixtape Chiick
  37. Unsigned Heat
  38. Nerd At The Cool Table
  39. Precise Earz
  40. You Heard That New
  41. Trill Tv
  42. She Bloggin
  43. Traps N Trunks
  44. Hip-hop Enquirer
  45. Get Money Music
  46. Yo Raps
  47. Hip-hop Since 1987
  48. Hip-Hop Vibe
  49. Ilpvideo
  50. Music Crowns
  51. On The Scene Ny
  52. Wazz-up Tonight
  53. Post My Fresh
  54. Its AgTv
  55. Mystics Ent
  56. Rap Music Promo
  57. The Grynd Report
  58. Hip-hop And Hype
  59. Bars And Mixtapes
  60. Bag Language
  61. Certified Bootleg
  62. Hip-hop Rap Scene
  63. Ill Muzik
  64. Built For Hip-hop
  65. Track Bullys
  66. Streetwav
  67. Industries Most Wanted
  68. 718 Unlimited
  69. Hood Illustrated
  70. I Am Hip-hop
  71. Wane Enterprises
  72. World Wrap Federation
  73. Wu-world
  74. Poze Productions
  75. Miya Yo Radio
  76. Core Dj Radio
  77. New York Underground Radio
  78. East Coast Digital Radio
  79. Official Gucci Mane
  80. Hood-x
  81. Underground Music Awards
  82. Super Star Central
  83. The Black List
  84. Livemixtapes
  85. Spinrilla
  86. Mymixtapez
  87. Datpiff
  88. Audiomack
  89. TopMixtapes
  90. Coast2Coastmixtapes

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Email your material to djsmoketop10@gmail.com


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Unfortunately we do not issue any refunds on digital services unless in error by Dj Smoke.




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